LETTER: Rubbish dump is appalling

CHICHESTER is a beautiful city, but in its heart there is a very black spot.

Behind the shops in East Street between the two twittens which lead out of East Street there is an appalling rubbish dump.

Firstly, the provision of a number of both council and private bins makes no difference as to where shops throw their rubbish.

Secondly, the paved pathway behind the shops is dangerously broken up.

I have spoken with several councillors and am informed that because this pathway is not recorded on any land register, no-one knows who owns it.

Without this information it would be illegal for either the council or a private company to repair the paving.

This disgusting area is in full view of people going to the car parks and to the Oxmarket Gallery, an important tourist attraction.

Can no-one take action to clean up the area?

Meriel Wilmot-Wright

Little London