LETTER: Safer cycling on the agenda

JANICE Sandell is not alone in seeking safe and convenient cycle routes to Selsey.

Local people and local groups have been campaigning for many years for completion of the cycle route to Chichester – the Bill Way – and for other routes across the peninsula.

The Manhood Peninsula Partnership has recently brought together many of the ideas and aspirations into a strategy for the whole area – Green Links across the Manhood (GLaM). An improved and extended network of well-maintained green links/access routes could:

:: Provide better links between communities for all journeys – to work, to school and to have fun;

:: Enhance the wellbeing of local residents through offering safe and enjoyable walks and cycle rides that deliver physical and mental health benefits;

:: Encourage local people and visitors to get out of their cars and explore the area, reducing the burden on the congested roads and keeping more local and visitor expenditure on the peninsula;

:: Boost the local economy and provide opportunities

for new and existing business to grow;

:: Broaden the shoulders of the tourism market, drawing in visitors who want out-of-season countryside and coastal experiences, which will help bolster the local economy during the low season and offer opportunities and better financial security for ‘green tourism’ and businesses, such as cycle hire and accommodation providers;

:: Reinforce the local ‘sense of place’, enabling the Manhood Peninsula to become better known as somewhere with wonderful scenery and impressive wildlife that is readily accessible to visitors.

The GLaM proposals have already received enthusiastic support from many local groups and parish councils.

I hope that key local decision-makers – including the RSPB, the Environment Agency, Chichester District Council, Chichester Harbour Conservancy and West Sussex County Council – will play their part so the projects they promote and the planning applications they consider all contribute to a safer and more accessible Manhood peninsula.

Keith Morgan


Manhood Peninsula Partnership