LETTER: Station needs

I RECENTLY wrote a letter to Stagecoach at Chichester bus station regarding bus shelters for Parklands, East Broyle and Little Breach estates.

As they do not deal with bus shelters, the letter was forwarded to Chichester council.

I have received a very nice letter back from the council saying they would try to talk things over to see if we might be lucky at last.

The letter said mostly these days the only places that get shelters are the new housing estates that are being built.

It seems on agreement with the builders of the houses they also agree to build the shelters.

I have lived at Parklands for 60 years.

We really need shelters here.

It really rains and the winds really blow when we wait for buses.

Buses are very often late which makes things even worse.

We have so many elderly people living on this estate, 70s to 90s are the general ages. We need consideration. I think the council must think over their duties to all of these estates.

Shelters for all estates, not just the newly-built ones.

This time of year, the wind, rain, snow etc is really hard for us to take.

Usually it is too windy for us to hold the umbrella so we just get wet.

Come on Chichester council, we all pay our council tax so please repay us.

Bus shelters for all of us. Everywhere in the countryside they have shelters. Why are we waiting?

Audrey Voller

Newlands Lane