LETTER: Strategic site is a FLAWED idea

A RECENT expert in world agriculture said in 50 years time, we will need every acre of arable land to feed the growing population so you would have thought the prime agricultural land of Whitehouse Farm should be preserved.

In fact this strategic site in the local plan has so many issues which make it unsuitable for development it was not surprising that the original plan excluded it.

If the district council passes the local plan, the next stage will be a review by the inspector, the very last chance to stop what would be the travesty of developing at least 1,000 new houses for 5,000 people on Whitehouse Farm.

Throughout the local plan consultation, a great deal of evidence has been gathered and a new group has been formed called FLAWED (which stands For Localism Against Western Edge Development) as we believe this development is, just that – flawed in concept and will have a profound adverse effect on Chichester and the adjacent communities, particularly Parklands.

FLAWED has already started at the last Parklands Residents’ AGM, explaining the issues of transport and infrastructure, particularly the difficulties of access to the site; flooding, no capacity on site to deal with waste water and sewerage; the environment as this site contains one of 100 only pristine chalk streams in

the UK, many rare species and the last remaining wildlife corridor between the harbour and the national park.

The western boundary of compact Chichester is Centurion Way.

The city stops there and Whitehouse Farm is the important strategic gap separating Chichester from Fishbourne.

The great fear is once this is gone, the integrity of Chichester is lost and the way open for sprawling suburban developments all along the A27. We will be explaining these and many other issues further in public meetings and literature but many of you are well aware of the problems.

FLAWED will put forward the best evidence-based arguments to the inspector, but you can help initially by contacting your local district councillors to make sure they know your strength of feeling about the travesty of developing Whitehouse Farm and ask them to reflect this when considering the local plan.

Cllr Richard Plowman

Chairman of FLAWED