LETTER: Un-neighbourly arrogance

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I WRITE having seen one of Tom Frears’ letter in the May 29 Observer, ostensibly in support of Arun District councillors Brown and Bower.

Unfortunately he undermines his case by going on to support the dubious value of unelected, unaccountable quangos whose mysterious work has hardly been debated, promoted or even mentioned by ADC itself.

This is all pretty remarkable, but he then goes on to personally attack one resident of the villages and to accuse the five villages of a ‘wholly negative campaign’ against Arun’s local plan.

Mr Frears has been a frequently vociferous member of an anti-housing group called Clued Up, so to have the temerity to criticise the residents of the villages for opposing Arun housing plans is frankly astounding.

That he does so in his capacity as chairman of a vision group, which seems to give no-one any vision whatsoever as to its aims, membership, constitution or legitimacy, is laughable.

Perhaps he can let us know the date of the group’s next public meeting, so we can all engage in real debate on these issues?

Mr Frears’ incitory rhetoric does nothing to advance his cause.

We villagers have an unwritten rule, not to beggar our neighbours.

His un-neighbourly arrogance just beggars belief.

Ian Truin

Barnham Road