LETTER: Unite and ask for a re-run

What is the Chichester bypass to do with the Arundel MP who represents a different area, ‘putting his spoke in it’ and stirring up Chichester?

We also have an MP, Andrew Tyrie, who sits on the fence saying nothing? Arundel bypass has approval. Although MP Nick Herbert has said it’s been delayed through the campaigners who are pushing for a re-run of the A27 options.

We only wished for transparency and fairness in the first place. What’s your agenda, Mr Herbert?

Surely the Arundel bypass and the Chichester bypass are not connected in anyway, seven miles apart. Butt out, Mr Herbert and get on with your own bypass. Mr Tyrie needs to back what the majority of his Chichester constituents want, get off the fence and give us a re-run of our options.

This failed A27 options cock-up, should not have been allowed to happen in the first place if transparency and the two northern routes had not been dropped in the first place. Allowed the residents of Chichester area to decide democratically themselves in the first place without outside interference. Look at the money that has been wasted due to unauthorised interference from the Unknown Powers. Who are these people?

It doesn’t make any sense that when you look at the figures for the northern bypass, the efficiency in construction, cutting the vehicle emissions from the south of Chichester.

Options 4 and 5, the Northern routes came out as the best most productive and less hassle for the city.

The only major objector is from the Goodwood Estate, who would get some compensation we understand if the bypass does go north, and the Arundel MP who continually seems to put his spoke in it.

If you have both north and the existing southern bypass it does give alternative options for transport in view of accidents and maintenance of roads.

The only people we need to blame for this chaotic situation are the unknown people who suggested taking off the two northern options in the first place. Chichester needs to send these faceless persons the bill for all these delays. They are the cause of the rift between the North and South of Chichester causing untold bad feelings between communities. Perhaps the ‘Chichester Deserves Better’ group could focus on these issues and bring the North and South together. Move forward everybody , unite and ask for a re-run of our options to include the North asp.

C. Clarke

Selsey Road