LETTER: We need officers

I VISITED Bognor Regis town centre the other day, just to go to Barclays Bank. I haven’t been in this early before because I am normally working.

First thing I noticed was two men outside Barclays on a bench drinking alcohol, quite openly, slugging from a can.

Next thing I saw was somebody begging in the street, a bowl in front of them,harassing local residents. I thought that anybody coming to this place wouldn’t want to come back again. I also thought alcohol was banned, drinking openly that is.

I thought then that I would see if I could find a policeman to report this or a community officer.

I circled around, but there wasn’t one about.

I did see some police the other day, transporting a big lump of concrete through the outskirts of Bognor. Two on motorcycles and two or three in cars,slightly over the top!

Would it not be possible to have just one officer patrolling the town centre? It would then keep the alcoholics and beggars under control and make it a better place for people to visit.

D Millier

Westmorland Drive

Bognor Regis