LETTER: White elephant

HAVING been a friend of Chichester Museum since the days it was so happily installed in Sadler’s old corn store in Little London, I have been saddened by the unfortunate development pains it has suffered in its new location.

We are about to get free admission to our museum which should help the yearned for footfall, but if it were my responsibility to encourage attendance, I would want a bracketed swinging sign projecting from the wall up above the entrance (rather like an inn sign).

Such a sign would attract the eye as it moved in any breeze and be noticeable from West Street, the direction in which most visitors would be likely to come, and it should not prove prohibitively expensive.

I would word the sign Chichester City Museum, thus making it clear to strangers what the Novium actually is.

This would allow the word Novium to gradually become secondary to the word museum.

If footfall did not improve with free entry to the establishment signed as a museum, the place could be sold to a pub chain with a sign board ready to be rewritten as The White Elephant.

J Whicher

Woodlands Lane