LETTERS: Flooding fears a real concern

I AM writing this letter at 6pm on Saturday evening (February 1).

The rain is again lashing down and I am in fear that my home may be flooded.

Last night was sleepless while it nearly was and tonight may be the same.

There is huge reporting about rivers causing flooding locally, but all around the area many homes also have problems due to inadequate drains.

Outside our back door is a small drain that is there to take our surface water away.

Near our property are three main drains.

When they can no longer cope with the amount of water flowing through them, they automatically send the water up through our small drain outside our back door and we watch the water bubbling up and flooding our back garden.

If we are lucky, the rain will ease off and the level will be below our back door step.

Not so at the end of December, the sandbags we put there were inadequate and water came into our house.

It wasn’t a lot, but enough to be worrying.

When the water finally drained away, there was sewage left on our back patio.

We have contacted West Sussex County Council and the Environmental Agency about the problem but because we are such small fry, we are deemed not to deserve to be taken notice of.

But, the problem is, there are homes in Ashfield Road and in the surrounding area who are suffering in the same way as us and we are all the unknowns who have to suffer in silence.

Lyn Oram

Bepton Road