Locals should have supported shop

THE STORY on your front page about the closure of a Costcutter store by the opening of a Co-op store is quite frankly shocking!

In two months, shops do not close due to competition unless things are already in the pipeline.

Local residents are shocked by its closure, I’m sure they are, but maybe they should have supported it more. How many of these went to the opposition when it opened?

A good few I would imagine.

Competition is good and shows loyalty.

Certain shops have it too easy for too long and blame the slightest thing when maybe they should be looking closer at home.

People vote with their feet and in shops it’s about pricing!

This should be a wake-up call for the other shops and get them to up their game.

If they do, David will conquer Goliath!

If not we’ll see more close but don’t blame the Co-op if the community choose to go there.

D Hockridge

Armadale Road, Chichester