Major improvement

I am writing about the Grange Centre car park in Midhurst. For those of us who regularly shop in the town and visit the Grange Centre, the recent restrictions in the car park are a great nuisance. However we realise this is necessary preliminary work before Chichester District Council begin building on our new Grange Centre.

However there is one major improvement they could make immediately to maintain safety and smoother flow of traffic in and out of the restricted car park.

There are two sections of the car park. The larger section is the one near the old Post Office building in Grange Road and the other, next to the Grange Centre, has been completely closed. They have already blocked off the exit of the car park back into Grange Road, leaving only the exit along the front of the Grange Centre. This new exit is not signposted at all.

This morning as I drove in the very narrow entrance from Grange Road, another driver was trying to exit, and I am sure this happens often because it is not at all clear how to get out of the car park.

Could the council not erect a simple and bold temporary sign directing people out of the car park. This could be done immediately with a can of spray paint on the tarmac until they can put up a more permanent sign.

Tina Litchfield