Make roads slimmer and leave hedgerows alone

May is a beautiful month of the year and we have waited a long time to see the countryside burst into life with cow parsley transforming our country lanes.

Not for long however, as the council has already had one foray along the lanes around my village.

The council will cite ‘visibility issues’, for whom, speeding motorists?

I would like to take an alternative look at our policy of trimming back the hedgerows, which destroys flowers and wildlife. To put a stop to traffic roaring through villages, we could address width of the roads.

Could we not abandon the unsightly policy of little gateways, bollards, sleeping policemen, flashing speed signs and instead introduce the idea of slimmer roads with passing places through villages, this would automatically cause drivers to slow down taking more care with their speed.

Life would be safer for walkers, riders and cyclists.

Let’s leave our glorious flower-filled hedgerows to flourish and with the expenditure saved we could then attend to the dreadful state of the roads themselves by improving the surfaces.

Angela Rider

West Stoke