Many years of neglect

From what I see in the Kirdford area, many of the potholes are caused by poor road drainage with the resultant erosion of the road surface and sub-structure caused by copious amount of water flooding over the roads – made worse of course when the water freezes.

I am aware that in Kirdford WSCC have been made aware of blocked culverts and ditches over many years with little or no action (of course, many ditches and watercourses are the responsibility of landowners but WSCC has not supported the parish council or taken any meaningful action to get landowners to fulfil their responsibilities) with the result that roads are regularly flooded and waterlogged.

The chickens are now coming home to roost as a result of many years of neglect!

There is little point (but much expense) in patching up the symptoms unless the root causes of the road damage are addressed.

Ian Campbell