Marriage is a convenantal commitment

MY wife and I are committed Roman Catholic Christians and have been married for 48 years.

In our calling to live by God’s precepts, we believe that marriage is strictly between a man and a woman for life.

We therefore understand that in God’s plan the essential meaning of marriage is to participate with Him in His covenant with His people.

Marriage is a covenantal commitment between God, husband and wife.

A man chooses a woman to be his wife and the woman accepts the man to be her husband ‘above all other’.

To be married in church (God’s visible sign of His relationship with His people) is to accede to this truth.

Why should anyone who does not believe in God and His truth want to get married in His church?

To do so without total commitment to Him is a lie and we see it as hypocrisy.

It is like living in a country and ignoring the laws that govern that land.

We therefore applaud Bishop Conran and the Archbishop of Southwark in standing up for what we, and thousands of other Christians believe.

Garry and Ellen Duguid,

Northchapel, Petworth