Mess-making mentality is disgusting

I recently moved to this lovely part of the country and feel very privileged to be living in a house overlooking the beautiful Priory Park.

It is good to see all the many activities that go on there, including cricket, bowls and also families and friends enjoying this free amenity; having a good time, a ball game and maybe a picnic now the weather has taken a turn for the better.

Last Sunday a group of four young women (not children) were doing just that, picnicking on the grass, chatting, kicking a ball around and generally enjoying the lovely sunshine and peaceful surroundings.

Nothing wrong with that of course, but imagine my disgust this morning (Monday) when, on looking out from my window and across the park, I saw where those same young women had been picnicking, all the detritus of their picnic had been left behind and lay strewn across the lawn in front of the Priory (pictured below). They had even burst the ball they were playing with and left that behind as well.

One can but wonder what sort of mentality such people must have and how they have been brought up, when seemingly without shame or embarrassment, they can so blatantly litter and despoil this lovely park, showing no respect whatsoever for other users, or the authorities who will now have to clear up their mess. To make matters seem worse, the litter bins were about 20 yards away from them in full view and empty!

John Stanley

St Martin’s Square