Message to the thief

THIS IS a message to the hard-hearted ‘thief in the night’ who dug up and stole our beautiful pink Floribunda rose bush from the front garden, under our window at the bungalow in Churchill Avenue, West Meads on Friday. June 8.

My 86-year-old husband works very hard in the garden and had nurtured the rose for the past four years, which had now produced an abundance of mature beautiful roses in full bloom, a joy to behold for us and all people who admired it.

So now we say ‘congratulations’ to the cowardly thief who stole it in the dead of night, he must feel very proud of himself and must have a lovely garden to look at, especially if he is the same person who stole our two large blue terracotta pots and several small conifers last year.

Needless to say our own garden remains quite bare because we certainly will not be leaving anything else outside for thieves to steal. It’s very sad to say we have lived peacefully and happy on West Meads for 11 years until these target attacks of garden theft, which has greatly upset us again this year.

B Watson

Churchill Avenue,

West Meads,

Bognor Regis