Misguided planners

I am in total agreement with Terry Robinson’s letter concerning the efforts of the ‘planners’ to destroy the appearance of this

once-wonderful city. I have lived for 53 of my 74 years in West Sussex, mostly in Chichester.

The early horrors that were passed as acceptable by the planners were the drum-shaped library, the box-shaped minimalist mirror-windowed office block at Northgate and the red brick-tinted windowed monstrosity behind the post office.

Good sense seemed to prevail for some years and then along came the Pallant art gallery.

Both views of this abysmal structure from North Pallant and East Pallant are too dreadful to put into words.

The next eyesore, in what otherwise is the very good attractive redevelopment at Eastgate Square, is the very tall building where the swimming pool used to be, which is, for no apparent reason, topped off with a weird roof with an all-round excessive overhang of no benefit, which manages to spoil the otherwise excellent appearance of the rest of the development.

Finally, the new museum. Surely it cannot be beyond the wit of man to design a building that is big enough to cope with displaying the history of our city without being so ugly, so out of place so totally lacking in charm and style, and yet still be passed by the ‘planners’.

Their decisions over the years would once have been acceptable in Soviet Eastern Europe, but here, in this elegant historic city – no way! And the city’s taxpayers provide their wages!

Philip Pratley,

Walnut Avenue,