Misled over AV vote

MAY I please have the right of reply to the scurrilous allegation on the Chichester Observer’s website by the London HQ of No to AV campaign that the ‘Yes’ campaign is racist?

The ‘Yes’ campaign has a number of endorsers and varies the endorsers used on its leaflets.

These allegations mark a new low for the ‘No’ campaign and their increasingly desperate smears.

Let’s put it this way – Operation Black Vote, the Muslim Council of Britain and a host of similar groups are backing the ‘Yes’ campaign.

Members of ethnic minorities are also helping us locally in West Sussex.

The BNP are backing the ‘No’ campaign.

People can draw their own conclusions.

I must also point out that the ‘No’ campaign is run entirely out of London, whereas this West Sussex group is one of over 100 local ‘Yes’ groups up and down the country.

The ‘No’ campaign attacks the ‘Yes’ campaign and spreads misleading statements about AV but never makes a positive statement about the first past the post system that it is defending.

A Bognor Regis lady is trying to set up a debate for a local organisation.

We are ready to debate on behalf of the ‘Yes’ campaign, but she has been unable to find anyone to speak on behalf of our opponents.

Anthony Tuffin


Make Votes Count In West Sussex