NIMBYs should let youngsters enjoy their youth

I was incensed when I read the headlines of the Midhurst and Petworth Observer (March 28).

Who are these NIMBYs objecting to the youngsters of Petworth having their own space? Presumably, those backing on to Hampers Green. These houses have long gardens, so are not ‘on top’ of the area – and why have they not planted hedges? After all they must hear the noise from the road, the hunt kennels, the circus and the fair!

This is the obvious site, and if the town council has managed to earmark £50,000 for a skatepark, and Leconfield Estate has sanctioned it, then it should go ahead immediately.

Furthermore, we should also be making plans to include a decent adventure playground for our seven+ yrs children. Rosemary Garden is sweet, but is really only for infants. Why can villages such as Pulborough and Cranleigh provide an inspiring playground (surrounded by fence and houses) and yet Petworth has nothing? It is a disgrace a town of this size does not cater for an important section of its population.

Could we not use profit from the Fete in the Park, or raise money by public subscription or fundraising events?

Incidentally, I have no personal axe to grind: I am a grandmother with no young relatives in this immediate area. However I would rather see children playing outside and getting some exercise, than sitting in front of the TV, or computers. I played on the streets and bombsites of London in my childhood, and I learnt independence, self reliance, and social skills by interacting with my peers, and without adult interference.

If you have objected to this scheme, you should be ashamed of yourself. Were you never a child? Did you never play or make a noise? I did! These children deserve our support. I hope the people of Petworth will support the Town Council to get this skatepark up and running now, and then perhaps in the future, even something extra for our young people.

Tricia Copus