No hope remains over A27’s future

IT WAS with sinking resignation that I read the article on yet another blunt refusal by the government to do anything to ease the stress of those who are committed to traverse our bypass, and of course the other notorious A27 black spots at Arundel and Worthing. Naturally our commerce is affected, commuters exasperated and above all our environment is violated as the fumes from thousand of litres of fuel from semi-stationary vehicles is vented over our city.

So – is there any hope for the future? I submit that there is not! I honestly believe that a positive decision rests entirely on political manoeuvring. West Sussex is firmly in the hands of one political party. New MPs are selected nationally and parachuted into the safe seats in our county. Yes, they may from time to time jump on a passing band wagon, but generally they are ineffective and uninterested in local issues.

The party in power is not going to do anything because why bother, the electorate will vote for this party whatever happens. The other lot did nothing, and would do nothing because there is no possibility that they could ever win in West Sussex.

Our representatives will write strong letters to the relevant ministers and departments, receive interesting replies, shrug their shoulders, then pop the correspondence into a dead file – until the next election.

Len Eyles

Worcester Road,