No to glasshouses

I WAS surprised to read the article about the glasshouses at Almodington and the statement ‘this development will have little negative impact on Chichester and will have the very positive benefit of creating jobs...’.

The impact will not be in Chichester, because Almodington is south of the A27 on the Manhood Peninsular where every increase in traffic is detrimental, there is a history of several deaths and many serious injuries on our local roads.

In Sidlesham we experience greater heavy-vehicle traffic going down the B2145 every year and the roads leading to Almodington are even narrower than the B2145 and in places two heavy vehicles could not possibly pass each other.

The argument for jobs for locals has been used before, but, as far as I am aware ‘locals’ do not work in the existing glasshouses so are unlikely to work in the proposed ones.

According to a Runcton resident, the light from the local glasshouses reflects back off the clouds and lights up the first-floor rooms through the Velux windows.

Lighting has not been requested so far for the Almodington site, but it could be a future proposal.

At present we are lucky still to have a ‘night sky’ which is why we have Patrick Moore living in Selsey.

There is surely sufficient evidence of negative impact.

Wendy Devonshire