Not for me

I am afraid I do not like your new Observer. It is to me like a tome; I have arthritis in my joints so sitting in my armchair and holding this newspaper gives me pain trying to hold onto this bulky paper.

Now we have to pay another 10p to cover the costs. Did you realise that a couple of the ads had been repeated on different pages? When it was in the old format, ads were discreet; now I suppose the ads pay for the newspaper.

If you either limited the number of ads, or put them all in a supplement, you would have more room for the interesting news articles.

You will have to excuse my mistakes as I have just spent out 75p on recycled paper. It took me just over an hour to read your tome from cover to cover. Usually it takes me about three days, because I enjoyed reading it.

Miss P Hobday

Bradshaw Road