Not good enough

AS A regular user of the bus route 55, I am writing to applaud Mr Damper’s letter last week.

I would like to add a point or two.

Stagecoach has the virtual monopoly of profitable bus services in this area (and many others).

It is a public service, unfortunately unregulated.

However, I may be naive, but I thought it was normal in the service industry that not all your services may be as profitable as others, but it is the overall profits that count in the long run.

I’m sure Stagecoach is making plenty of profit, as many of the passenger journeys are subsidised by central government (ie the taxpayer).

WSCC has said the average number of passengers on a Sunday is four.

I passed the bus picking up at the Market today at 2.45pm (Sunday, November 13) and there were at least 12 passengers already on the bus.

This shows that certainly at this particular time of day there is a demand for the service.

It is not good enough just to chop bits out that on paper do not pay.

Surely the passengers, real and potential, should be considered.

A bus service is not a service if it doesn’t run!

The residents of Tangmere need a seven-day-a-week service, as do the people of Chichester, who use this route to visit the hospital.

Kate Beach

Sunderland Close, Tangmere