Not the right setting

THE NEWS the bronze sculpture of a horse’s head has been removed from the Trundle is most welcome and it is to be hoped it will not return there again.

The figure itself is a fine work and its high position did much for it. Sadly, it proved an embarrassment in return.

The natural splendour of the site shows man-made marks of its long history, but the intrusion on that of an object seemingly put there as an enhancement merely looked presumptuous and degrading to the whole setting.

The use of fine, natural positions for the display of works of art is questionable when, for so many, their former enjoyment of the scene is ruined in the process. The Trundle already stands unique and beyond contrived improvement.

The Angel of the North gets away with its intrusion by use of a site less magnificent than that of the Trundle nor marked with defensive features from prehistory to the second world war.

It also dominates its position whereas Artemis appears a little more than a pimple if viewed from any distance.

Its excellent qualities could be better displayed in a more limited and appropriate setting.

David Hide

Priory Road,