Novium’s potential

I ONLY hope the new Novium museum will not become the Staatliche Bauhaus blockhouse with white gloves.

However, Novium museum is possibly the most exciting building in Chichester. It has great potential for an historical city. It is a pity the glazed cloistral facade may not be a magnet for a constant stream of curious, inquisitive visitors looking at real historical pieces, scornful, critical, appreciative, but, above all, interested.

Once again, let’s trust the selection of organisers of the museum have not become a gang of connoisseurs, historians, curators and well-heeled folks. This seems to create an air of snobbishness. To treat the public with exclusiveness would be unpardonable.

Novium should take courage to cut loose from the genteel world of elitism and take the museum to the public instead of trying to persuade the public to come to their forbidding shop.

The city has thousands of children who should pour inside, we should hear all their voices coming from inside our precious building. Their talents should be shown through the accumulated treasures with hands-on experiences, not photographic or white-gloved!

I only hope the museum will not become a mausoleum.

Tom Sutcliffe,

Sandringham Road, Chichester