Objection to building in National Park

I am writing about the planned development for a boarding school for children from London at the old St Cuthman’s school site.

I would like to point out the original state boarding school for about 100 children with disabilities was very much supported by the villagers of Stedham, Woolbeeding and Redford and many of us were very upset when it was closed down by WSCC.

The vast majority of objectors to the proposed plans to provide a school for 600 children would be happy to once again support a school of 100 or 150 pupils, whatever their background. What we object to is this potential massive amount of building in the South Downs National Park and the fact the lanes round the school are not suitable for the enormous increase in traffic. Six hundred children plus staff will need a huge amount of catering, deliveries and ancillary staff, apart from the actual bus journeys taking pupils to and from London.

All these will have to come by car or lorry as there is no public transport down lanes which barely have enough room for two small cars to pass.

Our local councillor did us a great disservice by his comments because the real issues have been obscured in the deserved outrage against him. I would ask everyone who thinks it is a good idea, to first look at the planning application and see how big these buildings will be; they are the equivalent of three supermarkets.

The South Downs National Park is meant to be a preserved landscape that we can all share, whether we live locally or anywhere else in the UK or the world. If this building goes ahead, why not a big superstore or another housing estate to follow?

Caroline Douglas