Out of touch with reality

Once again the headlines in many newspapers concern the disgraceful behaviour of the so-called comedians who appeared on the Big Fat Quiz of the Year on New Year’s Eve.

But will lessons ever be learned?

Not while those who decide what type of programmes best serve the British public remain so out of touch with reality.

Today’s comedians are paid vast suns of money to entertain and make us laugh, but comedy it certainly is not, inane immature vulgarity would better describe their behaviour.

The viewing public must make their voices heard by switching off TV and returning to real family entertainment – card-playing, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly and even snakes and ladders for the younger ones.

Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised and would have the satisfaction of denting a few over-inflated egos into the bargain.

Happy New Year.

Maura Field

Grosvenor Road