Overworked staff the lifeblood of the NHS

I was recently unfortunate enough to have to spend a couple of days in St Richard’s Hospital via the A&E department.

The duty of care given to me by those involved was above excellent as was the case on the Acute Medical Assessment ward. Hospital staff wherever and when possible go the extra mile for patients, even the very busy consultant who saw me the next morning was not just very professional but also quite charming, leaving me with a good sense of wellbeing.

During the time I spent in the A&E department I lost count of the number of casualties being wheeled past me by ambulance staff, the strain on the ambulance service is stretched to absolutely breaking point, patient care starts with them before ever a patient reaches hospital, they are no longer uniformed porters who just move people from place to place but highly-skilled paramedics, who like the hospital staff, are not only very professional but very caring towards those in need.

I was able to see for myself just how overworked are the staff who keep our admirable health service running.

The failure to deliver lies solely with the politicians who quite wrongly assume that they and only they know what is needed. They have completely botched up the entire system, caused chaos in the community, reform was needed to protect our GPs who were expected to deliver 24 hours a day, but instead of protecting them have spectacularly turned them into the ‘bad boys’ who don’t see their patients. This is not the case, GPs are expected to carry out many other commitments including home visits when necessary taking up a huge amount of time, just taking into account traffic problems and an ever-growing population there is only so much that a GP can do.

Please remember that those who work in the health service are human beings with exactly the same needs as everyone else, if they were donkeys the animal protection activists, would quite rightly be up in arms. Let’s take up the banner on behalf of our health care workers, you never know when you’re going to need them and to the politicians, keep out until you really know what the answer is.

Maura Field

Grosvenor Road