Painting roads shows lack of common sense

So Chichester has decided to paint its roads instead of repairing them!

As possibly an extreme example, the lower half of College Lane – a lane in name only, more like a tank training course as it is so pot-holed and surfaceless – has 16 roundels painted on it.

More risk of harm to life and limb by motorists swerving round the worst of the damaged areas than by a steady 30mph on most roads. Guidelines should be just that – does commonsense have no place in our society any more?

Duncan Barkes makes very valid points in his article, as opposed to those who would place yet more restrictions on how we go about our lives.

The success of enforcing this new ‘law’ will probably be comparable with that prohibiting drivers from using their mobile phones, ie only a small percentage of ‘lawbreakers’ will be caught.

As Sir Terry Wogan used to say, ‘Is it me?’

Bob Wilson

Hunters Way