Parking meeting

THE meeting called by Chichester City Council and held on Thursday, November 10 has raised more issues for me than simply whether parking charges should be introduced on Sundays.

As would be expected, the for and against opinions, the secular and sacred, were well aired, including the Keep Sunday Green option!

It was pointed out that, with the ever-decreasing central funding, the maintenance of present council services would require the development of new funding streams and/or the increase revenue of existing ones.

First on the list of course, the motorist.

I suggested that following the Audit Commission recent report (Nov 2011), Protecting the Public Purse 2011, the council make sure that all finance avenues be closed to the Scourgers and the Scammers.

It is estimated that fraud costs local councils more than £2bn a year!

Further, I was alarmed to learn that car parking charges were not uniform throughout the district, those parking in Chichester were paying disproportionally more than other towns in the area.

Now I may have misheard, but those setting the various charges were predominantly living outside the city.

Is what as know as local democracy in action?

Finally I understood, again I may have misunderstood, but that decisions taken on parking charges were guided by party politics, that is members were ‘whipped’.

Another example of local democracy I ask myself?

So with these revelations in mind I would ask all readers to go to the Chichester District Council website and sign the iPetition calling for an open and fair debate on the issue.

Good luck as I have found that the website has been down for the past two days (or is my PC defending itself against

John Hutchings

New Park Road, Chichester