Path is for walking

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THE ONCE tranquil canal bank between Hunston and Donnington Bridge is now nothing more than a death trap. Anyone taking a stroll along the footpath with the intent of taking in the peace and quiet will now be met with the lycra-louts who bomb along the footpath (yes, it is a footpath not a cycle lane) at breakneck speed with no thought at all for anyone who happens to be on the foothpath.

Bradley Wiggins wannabes arrive in droves, in clouds of dust and sweat with one thought – to make the bike go faster and faster and anyone in the way will not be tolerated.

Last Sunday a very senior gentleman on his mountain bike had to stop because a young girl with her dog dared to cross his path. She was verbally abused by this man, he swore at her and asked her what on earth she was doing walking a dog on a footpath.

When I pointed out the footpath sign and asked him to apologise

to the girl concerned, he gave her

the two-finger salute, a mouthful

of abuse and rode off into the sunset. The very upset girl went home in tears.

This is not an isolated incident, it happens day in and day out. Let’s get the idiots banned from this footpath and give it back to its rightful owners, the walkers. It is a footpath (see below), not even a bridleway – let alone a mountain bike course.

Bill Phillips