Plans for canal are exciting

I WAS born in the city 75 years ago and if during those years I had a pound for every plan to reopen the canal I would be a relatively-wealthy person.

But the latest really is exciting, a new lock to be built near the Witterings and a bridge on legs on the B2201 at Donnington (where the original Crosbie bridge was). Obviously the new lock will require a new stretch of canal, or is there one of these ‘old passages’ that I’ve never heard of, waiting to connect the new lock to the existing canal. I presume this junction will be east of the A286 (where the old Cutfield bridge was) as there is no mention of a bridge at this point. So why not connect this new stretch of canal east of the B2201 as this would save the cost of the bridge, or perhaps one of these ‘old passages’ isn’t available in that area.

As Cllr Cherry says ‘You can’t put it into words’, I’ll agree with that, I can’t, and as the chairwoman of the Chichester Ship Canal Trust said, ‘It is something different and quite sensible’ – ‘different’ certainly, ‘sensible’ I think not. I wonder why nobody in my lifetime had thought of this new lock down near the Witterings, perhaps they did, but couldn’t find an ‘old passage’ to connect it to, which is why it has never been built.

Brian Hall

Lavant Down Road,