Plans threaten fowl

FURTHER to Alison Congalton’s plea for motorists to observe the 20mph speed limit in Chichester Marina to protect our waterfowl (Observer, September 8), a bigger threat to the future of wildlife, plants, trees and houseboats

along the canal is the Chichester Canal Trust.

The plan it has to open the canal from Chichester Basin to Chichester Harbour would involve cutting down all trees overhanging the canal (every tree from the A286 to the yacht club), dredging and therefore destroying the reed beds, bulrushes and lily pads – and getting rid of the houseboats because they are in the way.

The disruption this would cause to our wildlife can only be imagined, but you can tell which end of the canal has the most diverse and plentiful waterfowl, plants and trees: the Birdham End which fortunately is not managed by the Trust.

The only purpose this spendthrift scheme has is for ‘disco boats’ and their revellers to travel from Chichester Basin to the harbour

and therefore have a longer trip to spend more money at the bar. Good value for the £10m or so that it would cost.

Martin Barron,

Chichester Marina