Plea to alter parking

THE LETTER from Peter Cairns of Graylingwell Park comes as no surprise to the Chichester Residents’ Associations who have seen the smug indifference of both West Sussex County Council and Chichester District Council to the ludicrous claims of developers.

We continually see suspect, not sustainable, development as developers seek to put aside existing and foreseen shortfalls in infrastructure.

For traffic that is done by computer modelling using the well-known rubbish in, rubbish out technique, and fanciful claims that appear to rely on the use of the term ‘eco’ to magically alter basic modern behaviour.

Accumulated failings in the provision of sewage treatment are pushed aside by proposing DIY techniques appropriate to a developing nation with no established infrastructure.

The Chichester Residents Group now calls on WSCC to take practical steps to review the figures for vehicle traffic generation at both Graylingwell and Roussillon and ensure the road network is enhanced to deal with the truthful figures.

We call on CDC to refuse future planning applications which are required for Graylingwell unless they include sufficient parking provision for all residents and their visitors.

Mike White

Secretary, CRACG