Pleased to see

I was pleased to see your article on the Cinnamon Trust (Observer, February 7).

I have been volunteering for them since my retirement from nursing almost seven years ago.

It is a lovely way to still be ‘helping’ people and together with my own dog, Heidi, we have made lots of new friends.

Over the years we have walked Bella, Stanley, Lucy, Brandy, Rusty and Honey and one or two others whose names escape me.

We are still walking Stanley and Brandy and Heidi loves all the different walks we have discovered.

I can really recommend it as a great way to volunteer and make new friends.

The staff at the Cinnamon Trust are always very helpful and supportive if there are any problems and they really appreciate the work we do as volunteers.

If you are a dog lover and are out with your own dog, or if you have some time to spare and cannot have a dog of your own, it can be a wonderful way to help someone who wants to keep their dearly loved pet but cannot get out themselves.

Anne Canfer

North Bersted Street

Bognor Regis