Points to ponder

Three traffic-related points.

The first concerns the new ‘tax’ on Sunday church worshippers using our car parks.

Is it proposed to use this to pay for the new electronic ‘car park’ signs that have recently been erected around the city?

All they seem to do is to tell us the local car park is open – a total waste of money in this day and age.

Secondly, I note the increasing daily parking in Little Breach is causing justified concern to the residents.

There is also increased weekday parking in Norwich Road, which is the main entrance to the East Broyle estate. They are cars belonging to the staff of the two schools backing on to the estate and at time cause problems to residents.

May I suggest (hands held high in shocked indignation!) that a small part of the large school playing field be allocated for staff car parking?

My third point concerns the 20’s Plenty campaign. Have the proponents ever stood and watched the traffic on the already-restricted roads in the city? Buses seem to regularly break the limit in West Street; unless it is an illusion because of their size.

But the same excuse cannot be made for the small car with a loud large-bore exhaust I recently witnessed going along the same street at what must have been near on 60mph.

How will the 20mph limit be respected if it begins on all the roads at the city entrance?

I just cannot envisage drivers crawling along Broyle Road or along any of the main roads entering the city for long distances.

The limit must only be applied to residential roads off the main roads.

John Collins (Rev),

Exeter Road, Chichester