Police should have acted to halt rave

The illegal rave over the Easter weekend reported in the Observer last week was audible for miles around, leading to two disturbed nights for us in Chilgrove: I hate to think what it was like for the people of Singleton and others who were closer.

The police are reported to have taken the attitude of seeing little that they could do.

This unfortunately gives a plain message: if you want to disturb the peace with an illegal rave, come to Sussex as the police will make no effort to stop you.

I can only suppose no senior officer of Sussex Constabulary resides in this area!

This rave was playing music at an inhuman volume.

This requires a significant supply of electricity.

Was it beyond the ability of Sussex Police to have assisted Southern Electricity engineers in terminating the supply, and perhaps have prosecuted for illegal abstraction?

And if the organisers of the rave were using generators, how many officers would it have taken to have confiscated them?

The supine attitude of Sussex police has sadly marked this lovely downland area as a favoured spot for rave organisers in the future.

Hamilton Tharp