Pothole success

I RECENTLY had some success in having potholes repaired by West Sussex County Council.

I quote part of the letter they wrote to me explaining why they repair only small areas and not, as you would think would be the sensible idea, to resurface most of the area.

“Only one area where the depth of the potholes met our intervention levels 40mm.”

Also a pavement that is so bad that falling is a high possibility.

It is so uneven and has not been resurfaced in 20 years or more.

To move on this surface in a wheelchair or mobility scooter is agony.

“There are no defects at footway intervention level 20mm and therefore I am unable to authorise any repairs at the present time.”

I encourage the people of West Sussex to note the depth that resurface of roads and pavements are repaired.

Write to WSCC and don’t assume nothing will be done.

Margaret Gladman