Pray you don’t come across this ‘madman’

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I MUST congratulate the driver of the Mini that overtook me and two other cars while we were waiting at a red roadworks traffic light at about 9.20 on Friday morning (April 15) just south of Fernhurst, trying to get on the tail of the earlier vehicles – you got away with your incompetent driving this time.

Continue driving in that manner and you will have an accident.

I hope that when it happens you will not injure, maim or kill any members of the public.

I am a former local retained firefighter with 29 years’ experience.

I spent a proportion of my career cutting people out of wrecked vehicles – some of them having undertaken idiotic actions like this person.

Perhaps, whoever you are, you should consider your family, the emergency services and all the people that have to pick up the pieces when you do have the accident?

Dave West,

Pretoria Avenue,