Presenting a true picture of school quality

I am writing to object strongly to the inaccurate comments concerning Selsey schools (Observer, April 18).

District councillors are quoted as having concerns about low grades in Selsey schools; they go on to say ‘low attainment in the town’s primary schools was often inherited by the academy’ when in fact no district councillors have visited this school or taken the time to look at the facts.

Your report quotes Selsey ward member Fred Robertson as saying: “Schools have to teach to the lowest common denominator.” District councillor Mrs Tinson states: “Levels of literacy are very low across the Manhood Peninsula. What makes it hard for The Academy is the level of attainment from feeder schools.”

I would like to present the true picture. Medmerry Primary School in Selsey is a ‘good school’ where all the staff ‘have created a caring environment where pupils feel extremely safe and enjoy learning’. This was the view taken by Ofsted when they inspected Medmerry School in March 2010. The reception class was ‘outstanding’ and the teaching and learning in the junior classes was consistently ‘good or better’. The report explained ‘the school promotes an outstanding level of care, guidance and support for pupils… parents comment enthusiastically on the excellent quality of the close caring, relationships the school provides for their children’. Ofsted graded us ‘good with outstanding features’.

Medmerry School is full in all year groups and has a waiting list. It has consistently achieved very high standards in children’s attainment, often finishing in the top ten per cent of schools in West Sussex for KS2 Standard Assessment Tasks (SATs) in English and maths. In 2012 we again excelled: attainment scores averaged more than 90 per cent in the core subjects. As a result of consistently high achievement Medmerry was invited to become an independent academy in 2011.

George Bell


Medmerry Primary School