Profit from A-boards

AS I THREADED my way through the city centre on Saturday, squeezing past the A-boards and myriad of chairs and tables that suddenly flourish and spread across the pedestrian areas at the first sign of spring, it occurred to me that the city could profit from 212 (allegedly) A-boards that blight our streets.

It is a well-known fact that the county council blanches at the thought of doing anything about the control of unauthorised and hazardous obstructions in our streets and quietly slips all references to the bottom of the in tray.

The only solution will occur when a shopper comes a cropper and sues a shopkeeper for some unimaginable sum of money – possibly the WSCC as well.

In the meantime, as customers trail round the shops it is evident nobody – and I mean nobody – ever pays any attention to them.

We are so notice-fatigued that they are ignored other than being by-passed!

Now is the time to act before these notices fade away.

I propose that the new city centre partnership sponsors a city-wide competition for the best A-board.

I’m sure that people will flock to the city to see our unique multitude array of portable advertising.

There could be a number of categories: for the best construction, the most colourful, most attractive etc.

It could be an annual event, and if it catches on, the competition may become nationwide with other towns entering. Oh well, it was just a nutty thought, like the wish that one day a county councillor might earn his money and tackle the problem!

Len Eyles

Worcester Road, Chichester