Proposed changes to road are a sensible solution

I thoroughly endorse Paul Amis’s comments (Letters, May 16). As a pedestrian who regularly attempts to cross Oving Road at its junction with Florence Road and St James’s Road, I welcome any improvement to safety that would be brought about by reducing traffic coming in and out of Chichester along Oving Road.

I believe the proposed changes to the traffic lights at the Oving Road/A27 junction provide a sensible solution for residents living in East Chichester who regularly have to cross Oving Road.

The benefits to local residents of a quieter Oving Road far outweigh any inconvenience to motorists wishing to cross over the A27.

If the status quo remained, I can only imagine how awful the situation would be with the increased traffic generated by the Shopwyke Lakes development.

Richard Childs

Leatherbottle Lane