Protect geese

Calling all fishermen out there, especially those fishing along our estuaries which, at this time of year, are home to the beautiful Brent geese we are honoured to have visiting us for the winter.

A Brent goose was found at Dell Quay and taken to Brent Lodge Wildlife Trust this week because of damage due to discarded fishing equipment.

He had a fishing hook through his leg, another through his wing and fishing line wrapped around his entire body.

He also had a large plastic fish entangled around his wing so every time he moved, it pulled at the hooks.

Imagine how painful that must have been.

The amazing staff at Brent Lodge managed to free him and treat the open wounds and he has been to the vet for stitches and treatment.

Fingers crossed for him.

There were many stories similar to this last year too and a number of known fatalities.

Please, please don’t discard hooks and lines and other fishing equipment, it can cause untold damage.

Enjoy our beautiful waterways by all means, but please respect the wildlife.

Alison Congalton