Pupils have more chance to succees in Lambeth

In last week’s Observer, teacher Zoe Williams was quoted as saying that everyone should be given the opportunity to succeed.

I would agree totally with that statement, however, there is no evidence to say that this will be the case here. In fact the children from Durand primary would have just as good a chance if they remained in Lambeth.

The schools which the primary feeds in Lambeth all score way above the national average for five GCSEs at A to C grades. Archbishops Tennyson’s school for example scored 69 per cent last year, and Stockwell Park School (now Platinus College) scored 68 per cent. So it is not correct to say Lambeth schools fail pupils.

Ms Williams also says the proposed school will have minimal impact on the neighbouring communities. She has obviously not read the planning statement in which they admit to creating up to 90 additional vehicle movements on a Saturday for example when the coaches and staff return to London, not to mention the weekday movements... I hardly see this as minimal.

I could go on about the inevitable detrimental effect on the environment that such a massive development would have on the national park, but I have been quoted on your pages about this before.

I just want to be clear that we are not Nimbys but have consulted far and wide to see if this experiment can in any way be justified and have come to the conclusion this is just another Tory vanity project, of no particular benefit to the young people whose lives will be disrupted.

Anne Reynolds


Woolbeding with Redford Parish Council