Real deprivation

THE Observer has kindly given much space to letters expressing serious anxiety regarding the possibility of Sunday and evening services being axed on many routes, and there may not be any problems left unvoiced. However, I would go further than the polite correspondents, and suggest that to cut Sunday and evening services would be not just morally reprehensible, but morally wrong.

Lack of an evening service deprives many car-less people of the opportunity to visit friends, to go to the theatre, or to some other entertainment. Heaven knows, having a modest social life, for people living alone, is not a lot to ask.

A Sunday service is essential for many people with relatives in another town or in hospital.

A friend of mine living in Chichester needs to visit her husband in the Midhurst Community Hospital every day, as his illness demands he be properly stimulated to keep from regressing.

She depends on the 60 bus to get her there – one of the buses

on the danger list. And that is only one example.

Many of us have friends in Selsey who do not have access to a car.

I have already suggested our wonderful 15-minute service between Bognor and Chichester, and that of the 51 Link bus, be halved. Surely no-one will grudge that, if it could keep the Sunday and evening service in existence?

Although there is no official campaign being run in our area, the county council has received about 6,000 letters concerning the plans – does that not prove something? – and will be meeting around the end of this month to make decisions.

Readers, you may not be personally affected by the possible cuts, but almost all of you will know someone who is.

Please write, or lobby, or do anything courteous you can think of, to persuade the council to think of a better way of saving money.

And thank you, Observer, for

your help.

Mrs Marion Somerville,

Whyke Road,