Really, Duncan

Now, isn’t THAT a shame. Poor Mr Barkes. He does his shopping in stores where you don’t have to queue up to have somebody tell you how much you have spent, who will take your money, give you your receipt and – if you want to wait for him/her to do so – put your groceries in a bag for you. And now some supermarkets have the nerve to offer you an alternative. You are actually invited to check out all by your little old self. Avoiding a queue or stand in a much shorter and faster moving one.

But of course if you choose to treat your shopping as an opportunity to spend your time (and wasting that of the cashier) chatting to the person whose job it is to put up with you, that is your choice. It must really upset you, you are given the choice.

And even worse, Mr Barkes: There are supermarkets who even give you the opportunity not to visit them at all. They actually let you order your groceries online after which they will deliver it to your door. If you choose.

Can’t you find something more constructive to complain about? Other offers of services – public or private – you can choose to accept or decline? Or amusing articles in newspapers?

John Sichel

Bognor Regis