Retail need falling

THE DEVELOPERS have done a good job in promoting the usual attractive bits (new jobs, landscaping, highways improvements etc) but the big question is: Do we need a new out-of-town retail park?

By their own admission they are talking about large buildings. Which ‘household names’ could use these buildings who cannot use existing buildings in the vicinity?

How will this attract local shoppers to the city? Are there not enough retail businesses struggling already in the city centre? All this development will do is attract those shoppers who might otherwise travel (by car) to Havant or Bognor.

The landscaping by the river Lavant sounds attractive until one realises that for most of the year it is dry, and so is likely to attract litter and shopping trolleys.

I think any new development on this large site should provide a mix of non-retail business to provide real jobs as well as sports and leisure facilities – maybe a couple of sports pitches?

John Procter

Broyle Road,