Riding roughshod

Who are these people, Madestein UK, who wish to ride roughshod over all of us so we even have to pay their appeal costs, yet again, estimated this time at £120k, just because they continue to insist

that their outrageous development plans for 52 acres of ridiculous and silly glasshouses should go through, despoiling all we hold dear in the county?

Their earlier appeal has rightly been chucked out by all right-thinking people, and yet back they come again, all at our expense – please get whoever it is to surface from his anonymity and tell us just why he thinks that such behaviour is just, at our expense, and why he insists on raping our beautiful countryside solely for his own profits.

That these awfulnesses can be perpetrated on our area under a plan where he expects us to give in to the greed of his company, is quite astonishing. Please get whoever runs such a company to come public and tell us, in your paper, face to face, why we have to continue to pay to stop his exploiting our lovely land south of Chichester, solely for the profit of his investors.

This is capitalism gone rampant and mad, and someone has to stand up and stop this sort of bullying. Times are tough for all of us out there, without these financial encroachments from rampant exploiters of what we possess and hold dear, and which will vanish if we do not resist them.

Tony Spillard

Palmers Field Avenue,