Road is notorious

FOLLOWING last week’s fatal accident on the A283 I despair when I hear our local councillor passively issuing ‘a plea for motorists to drive carefully on the notorious stretch of road’ and proposing ‘to shave the brow of the hill’. Much more robust and immediate action is needed to save lives.

The road is not inherently dangerous, but it is fast and the illegal speeds at which drivers

drive on it and the lack of any policing to deter them are the causes of the danger. I have lived on the A283 near the fatal spot for ten years, attending three serious accidents on our doorstep.

The road between Northchapel and Petworth is well-known throughout the UK as a race track because drivers know there is no police presence and no speed cameras and they can speed with total impunity.

Apart from the very regular speed traps in Northchapel which usually catch drivers doing only between 35 and 40mph, I have seen only two police speed check operations in place between the two towns in the whole ten years. Every single weekend the mixture of tractors doing 25mph, 30-ton articulated lorries doing 60mph and sports cars and motorcycles frequently passing our house at near 100mph (I do not exaggerate) is a lethal cocktail which must be curbed as soon as possible by a strong deterrent.

So councillor, let’s have some positive action right now, put out permanent or temporary speed cameras, convict speeding motorists – word will soon spread – and make our road safer before anybody else is killed.

Anthony Snook