Roads need to be freed up

I read with interest Lewis Brown and Neill Barston’s article on the Goodwood revival.

Enjoyed I would imagine by all other than those caught up in the traffic – again.

I was caught in a jam at Cocking on the Friday at 11am while trying to get to Chichester for a medical appointment at 12.30pm which I abandoned.

My suggestion would be that if the jam was caused by stopping drivers at the entrance, it would help if they were allowed to drive straight in and all the formalities, the issuing of paid window stickers etc done while parked.

Apart from freeing up the roads for those not part of this admirable and obviously popular function, others intending to take part in the festival who drive vintage cars or in some cases new ones would not sit for ages with the fear of boiling over or running out of fuel.

Isn’t it strange that anything to do with the motor car tends, in the end, to cause stress to someone.

John Ray,

Kingsfield, Storrington